Welcome Dr.Panjehpour from INTI International University to be committee member!


Dr.Panjehpour,INTI International University,Malaysia

Research Area:Strut-and-Tie Model, Strengthening and Repair by FRP, Structural Insulated Panels, Finite Element Modeling

Research Experience:

My research subjects have been pertain to concrete material such as ultra-high performance concrete, composite material such as strengthening of concrete using fiber-reinforced polymer, structural mechanics such as strut-and-tie model method and also simulation methods using ANSYS and MATLAB software. Besides my publications, my active involvement of being editor and editorial member in some journal publications allows me to improve the theories and knowledge that I have in Structural Engineering. During my post-doctoral research fellowship in University of Malaya, I found the opportunity to conduct non-destructive tests (NDT) on defected concrete structures to detect the flaws. However, my research was particularly focused on impact echo test. By the way, I am the leader of centre of advance concrete technology (CACT) in INTI International University.