Welcome A.Prof.Li Jing from Yan' an vocational and technical college to be committee member!


A.Prof.Li Jing,Yan' an vocational and technical college,China

Research Area:Smart home;Information education and teaching;Construction of intelligent buildings;Smart campus construction;Green building

Research Experience:

Qualifications: National Registered Supervision Engineer; Construction Engineer

Honor: 2018 national vocational college skills competition referee; Fourth National BIM network graduate design contest judges; 2018 national BIM network competition judges.

Results: there are more than ten published papers, including six core papers, one national level project, three provincial issues, and three public teaching materials.

Key major thesis:

[1]Study on the incentive and propelling of green buildings in arid and cold areas of inland China--Taking the Loess Plateau as an example,published in the core journal building energy efficiency.

[2]   Research on space design of Green University History Museum from the perspective of ecology ---taking the History Museum of Yan’an Vocational and Technical College as an example,published in the core journal building energy efficiency.

[3]The characteristics and construction principles of green ecological residential areas are published in the core journal building energy efficiency.

[4]Research on training of BIM talents for civil engineering based on virtual technologyunde the background of internet+published in the guide of economic research in the core journal.