Welcome Prof.Beixiao SHI from Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute to be committee member!


Prof.Beixiao SHI,Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute,China

Research Area:Unsaturated soil / Earth rockfill dam / Dam safety

Research Experience:

Since 2001,I have finished more than 20 research projectssuch as the proposed 315 m high core rockfill dam material test.I published nearly 30 academic papers of various types (11 papers of the first author were retrieved by SCI or EI), compiled 1 monograph and participated in 1 monograph,and have the National patent authorization 13. I finished the natural science foundation 3 projects, and completed projects were awarded 5 items including the first prize of Dayu water science and technology progress.

Now, I`m taking charge of the national key research and development plan, the National Natural Science Foundation project, and the Ministry of water industry's public welfare industry special projects.I am the Member of the International Association of geodynamics and geotechnical engineering, the member of the Chinese Academy of dam engineering, the expert of National Natural Science Foundation Network review, Shandong science and technology award evaluation, etc.