Welcome Pro.Jungman Lee from Hanyang University, Korea to be committee member!


Pro.Jungman Lee, School of Architecture, Hanyang University, Korea

Research Area:

Architectural design practice and theory; High engineering/ high contents urban architecture; Sustainable building and urban technology; Ancient architecture between BC1000 and AD 1st century

Research Experience:

Professional affiliation

-Executive Board member, Committee Chairman (architectural design), Editorial Board member, Architectural Institute of Korea

-President, Executive Board member, Korea Institute of healthcare Architecture

-President, Professor Architects Society of Korea

-President, Korea Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

-Member, Urban Design Institute of Korea, Korea Institute of Architects, Korea Institute of Interior Architecture, American Institute of Architects,   International Hospital federation, International Federation of Hospital Engineering


Major Design Works

-Seoul National University Hospital Master Plan, 2000-2001.

-Ecotek Office, Korea, 2002.

-Cheonam Postal Headquarter, 2003.

-Seoul Kangbuk Mia New Town, Seoul, 2004-5.

-Busan University Hospital, Korea, 2005.

-Seoul MIA new town, 2007-2011

-Square & Rectangle, MIA new town 2, 2009.

-Seoul National University Hospital, Outpatient center & Master plan, Seoul, Korea, 2010 (2010 AIA Healthcare design award)

-Hanmaeum Hospital, Master plan, Changwon, Korea, 2011.

-Korea University Ansan Hospital, Master plan 2011.

-Ansung Hospital, Kyunggi province, 2014.