Welcome Dr.ZENG Lan from Guagndong University of Technology to be committee member!


Dr.ZENG Lan,School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, Guagndong University of Technology,China

Research Area:

• Behavior of high-performance FRP-concrete composite members;

 • high-performance and environmentally-friendly concrete

Research Experience:

Lan ZENG (1989- ), majoring in Civil Engineering Materials and Engineering, will get her PhD degree in the school of Civil and Transportation Engineering at Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) in China at the end of 2018. During her doctoral study, she had joint training in the school of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia from 2016 to 2017. She received her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from GDUT in 2012, honored as one of the top-ten outstanding undergraduates, and she was the first to be chosen as the top-notch talent in her faculty. She was then recommended to study for a master degree without entrance examinations at the same university, and she took the successive doctoral program in 2014, during which she went to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a research visitor for short period. She won the first-class academic scholarship over the last seven years successively as well as the Postgraduate National Scholarship in 2016. 

Research Achievements 

She has published 15 papers at levels of academic journals, 6 of which were included by SCI and 5 by EI. Two domestic patent of invention and 5 utility models have been authorized, with four others processed. She has given presentations on international academic conferences 5 times and domestic academic activities twice for the last three years. She is now participating three research projects funded by Chinese Nature Science Foundation.