Welcome A.Prof.Shyang-Woei Lin from National Dong Hwa University, Chinese Taipei to be committee member!

Lin Shyang-Woei .jpg

A.Prof.Shyang-Woei Lin, Department of Natural Resources And Environmental Studies, National Dong Hwa University, Chinese Taipei

Research Area:

Geographic Information System, Community Hazard Mapping

Research Experience:

His research expert and interest are in Geographic Information System, Temporal and Spatial Data Mining, Internet Spatial Decision Support System, and Community Hazard Mapping.

Hendro Murtianto, Shyang-Woei Lin and Zue-Er Chen (2017.4) Groundwater Conservation Model on Recharge Area of Volcanic Slope, IJRDO-Journal of Applied Science, Vol.3(4):83-101

Hendro Murtianto, Shyang-Woei Lin, And Zue-Er Chen (2017.5) The Study of Water Quality for Developing Toruism in Parngtristis Coastal Area, Indonesia, IJRDO-Journal Of Agriculture and Research, Vol.3(5):27-34

Shyang-Woei Lin, Chia-Feng Yen, Tzu-Ying Chiu, Wen-Chou Chi ,Tsan-Hon Liou (2015.10) New indices for home nursing care resource disparities in rural and urban areas, based on geocoding and geographic distance barriers: a cross-sectional study, International Journal of Health Geographics,Vol.14:28.

Hsin-Chi Li, Zue-Er Chen, Shyang-Woei Lin,Yi-Chen Chen (2015.3) A study of the Social Vulnerability in Disaster-isolated Areas, International Journal of Digital Humanities and Creative Innovation Management, Vol.3(1):11-22.