Welcome A.Prof.Rozi bin Abdullah from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia to be committee member! 

Rozi bin Abdullah .png

A.Prof.Rozi bin Abdullah, School of Civil Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Research Area:

Engineering Hydrology; Urban Stormwater Management 

Research Experience:

Research area of interest mainly in engineering hydrology and urban stormwater management. Research experience spanning from 1990 in University Newcastle upon-Tyne. This covers rainfall-runoff modelling, rainfall forecasting and flood forecasting. Research work in hydrology is continued from 1996 in Universiti Sains Malaysia up to present. This involves flood risk mapping on selected river catchment in Malaysia. In addition, the study of land use changes due to deforestation in Sarawak is conducted. Recent research on sustainable reservoir management explored on the critical storage and critical period. Multiple regression equations to estimate critical storage and critical period are established with incorporation of reliability and vulnerability parameters. This is conducted for single site and multi-site for selected catchment in peninsular Malaysia. In urban stormwater management, some research works on artificial wetland for stormwater treatment are undertaken. The relevant research on stormwater treatment is on oil and water separation using tank fitted with baffles and weir. Optimum oil removal is investigated with tank fitted with given configuration of baffles. This research employed hydraulic principle for oil removal. Both laboratory experiment and numerical model are used in the research study.