Welcome A.Prof.Shih-Yun Chu from Nan-Hua University, Chinese Taipei to be committee member! 


A.Prof.Shih-Yun Chu, Department  Architecture & Landscape Design,Nan-Hua University Chinese Taipei

Research Area:

Architecture, Urban Design, Housing Policy

Research Experience:

2018   Chief Director, The Center for Teaching and Learning Development (CTLD), Nan-Hua Uni.

2010   Associate Professor, Nan-Hua Uni. Department of Architecture and Landscape Design

2003-2009   Assistance Professor, Min-Dao Uni. Department of Landscape Design

1998-2003   Assistance Professor, Da-Yeh Uni. Department of Architecture and Interio Design

1994-1996   Researcher, TU Dortmund Germany, Fach. Raumplanung