Welcome A.Prof.Jia-Yi You from Ming Chuan University, Chinese Taipei to be committee member! 

Jia-Yi You.jpg

A.Prof.Jia-Yi You, Department of Urban Planning and Disaster Management, Ming Chuan University, Chinese Taipei

Research Area:

Disaster management, Risk and Crisis Management, Construction Safety Evaluation, Fire Science

Research Experience:

He was graduated from Department of Fire Science at Central Police University and major in firefighter resource management.

He studied hia Doctor of Philosophy from Department of Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University and major in evacuation model application in large scale building.

Hid research area includes disaster management, risk and crisis management, construction safety evaluation and fire science.

He has a Republic of China Patent Certificate in “A Shiny Device of Fire Hose”.

His favorite research area is fire science because it is the best method to avoid someone hurt or dead via fire prevention strategies or technology. He wish his research could be help people more safe.